OLED with reversed Gnd/Vdd

IMPORTANT: this obstacle was removed since board rev 3.5 you can connect every type of OLED.

There’s a lot of OLED displays on the market, that have reversed Vdd / Gnd connectors compared to the TILT!Audio PCB. This can be fixed with a simple workaround.

Just cut the normal Vdd pin and bend the GND pin to left:

GND bend to the left Vdd with flexible wire

Vdd instead of using a pin, will be connected using a short isolated wire:

A word on sound

Many questions these days are about sounds and the fine grained setup you can do with TILT!Audio.

First of all there are 2 types of sound packs:

  • Old style in directories
  • Altsound: all in one directory together with a csv table.

Features of both formats are slightly different, but mostly one can categorize sound effects in:

  • background music (or simply music)
  • voice callouts (or just voice)
  • special effects (or just sfx)
  • jingles (play over a music and music continues)
  • singles (play once and terminate the playing music)

In addition to that there’s volume control that balanced the volume of music, sfx, voice, jingle and single.


First there is a gain, that allows to raise or lower volume level for each sound effect. Normal level is 50, but it can be adjusted from 1 to 100.

So if some sound effect seem to be too low, you can just go to the web UI and raise the gain.

Here is one difference between directory sound packs and altsound packs:

While in both cases each sound effect has its individual gain, the directory style also has a default for a category: gain by type!

So if you want to raise volume level for voice in general, just use the sliders GainByType in the webUI

Change default gain for a category
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Demo videos

This page collects all demo videos that shows TILT!Audio running on different machines. All these video are also available on my youtube channel

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video curtesy of Greg G.
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More on youtube: just search for tiltaudio.