TILT!Audio is not only a replacement for your original sound card, but provides a lot of extra features:

  • high quality audio stereo (or even multi-channel with hdmi)
  • support for various formats
  • sound data on sd card or usb stick
  • modern web ui to adjust sounds to your needs (see live demo)
  • many configurations settings
  • support for additional shaker
  • support for secondary media playback (e.g. videos with serial-media-server)
  • high quality class D digital amplifier included
  • high quality DAC using i2s interface for digital audio
  • record a live session while your are playing
  • playback a session on the real machine
  • optional DSP support to get optimal 2.1 sound for every speaker in your machine
  • testing and adjusting setting on the real machine
  • support for “frozen sound” format xSND1.

1Frozen sound format does not allow sound to be used other than with TILT!Audio, can be personalized so that it runs only on a device with a certain serial. Cannot be read / unpacked.