TILT!Audio has a license protection during runtime that include a set of capabilities.

A license is bound to a specific raspberry pi TILT!Audio is running on. License files are stored either on sd card in the data directory or on usb stick. Filename is always 12345678.key where 12345678 is the serial number of your raspberry pi.

You can try out all features of TILT!Audio without using a license but you will hear a license announcement every now and then, that remembers you to please purchase a license, when using TILT!Audio.

A license can include the following capabilities:

  • BASIC: required to run TILT!Audio in general
  • LUA: only when you what to use the embedded lua language for customization
  • EVENT: required if you what to use custom event service to control TILT!Audio externally (or with video player feedback)