Github repo with extensions examples

Today I’ve updated the repository on github that contains some examples, how TILT!Audio board can be extended by adding addtional hardware / mods for your game.

The principle is always the same:

  • take an arduino mini pro
  • program it with some little sketch
  • connect i2c bus from tiltaudio board to extension
  • write some support library in lua for your convenience

With the examples provided you can control:

  1. Arbitrary GPIO and also PWM
  2. Shaker with motor controller like
  3. RGB led lights as speaker lights or rgb gi replacement
  4. Servo for addtional moveable toys on the playfield.

See my youtube channelĀ for some examples.

I was also looking for a printable case for the arduino mini pro. I found one on adafruit website, that fit my needs (with minor modifications):

So keep modding and send me your achievements.