TILT!Audio the new audio experience for your pinball

Welcome to TILT!Audio. TILT!Audio is an alternative sound system that offers much better sound experience than original sound hardware. Its build based on a Raspberry Pi and a small shield that helps decoding sound commands coming from the main cpu.

TILT!Audio is the successor of RasPiSound so don’t get confused when in some forums or on my youtube channel it is called RasPiSound.

Wanna see it in action? Check out my youtube channel.

TILT!Audio is not a ready to use product that offers simple plug’n’play by simply replacing the old sound card. However you can easily build it for yourself (see Quick Start).

Order Now!

You do not even by every little piece of hardware on your own, instead you can simply order kits on my shop, that makes assembly very easy.

You can even take a look at the schematics and the latest pcb or export gerbers to build the shield on your own. Everything you need is hosted on EasyEDA.